Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gym/Diet It Never Ends.

It's time to get serious about the gym. I need a personal trainer but cant cope with the fact it's going to cost me thousands. I think I'm just going to subtly follow one around the gym and duplicate everything they do. Sounds good to me. Is it gross that I don't shave my legs before I go to the gym and that I am wearing cropped pants? I hope no one notices the abnormally long leg hair I've been growing? OOPS. So the plan is to run a few miles and work on my arms. Arms are my trouble area. Flabby, loose, giggly and not cute. Although, I was once told that arms are the easiest part of the body to sculpt and tone...myth? Probably.

I have a diet in place as well. "Taste Everything, Eat Nothing." BF. KIDDING!
6 Small Meals/Day:

Breakfast - Oatmeal/Banana or 1 piece of toast w/PB
Snack- Handful of Nuts
Lunch - Salad w/protein (chicken, tuna, turkey)
Snack- Apple
Dinner - Vegetables and a Protein
Snack - Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.)

It's very important to remember when your figuring out portions that they are no bigger than what you can fit in your hand. What I really should be doing is weighing out all of my food but I don't have time for that and I'd like to meet someone who does. So when you go to grab a snack, the point is 1 handful. That's it. No more. And as for lunch and dinner I'm not scooping tuna or clutching on to a piece of raw chicken (that would be hot tho) its called judgement. If it looks like a lot, then it probably is:) I also try to replace a meal per day with a smoothie:)

Last and certainly not least is WATER. I consume so much water I should be wearing a diapper. I pee every 20 minutes. TMI? Good.

This is the best thing ever created in the world of water bottles. It's fact that with a Camelbac you consume TWICE as much water in a day! I did a study on myself to prove this. I typically use a Nalgene with one of the large/oversized tops and I would maybe drink 2 per day, 3 if I was lucky. Ever since I invested in the Camlebaks I drink at least 9 of them per day. They're amazing. I suggest getting a few you will not be disappointed:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1...2...3... BLOG!

OK, I'm back and ready to to spill my guts. Just a warning, I am a horrible writer and my grammar skills are not what they should be for someone who graduated high school and has as well completed 4 years of college but probably because I went to a state school. Thanks Mom and Dad! Love you:)

So I had started a blog a while back where it bashed on all parts of life, including my own. Although a hit, I've decided on a new approach... Optimism.

So my last 3 ITunes purchases are so random that I need to share.

#1 Adele, such a brilliant woman. Rolling in the deep? The only way to listen to this song is with the volume on full blast. It makes my heart smile.

#2 Lady Gaga, Judas. No Comment. She has absolutely lost it and I'm addicted.

#3 Tiesto, C'Mon. Just because it reminds me of the cab drivers in Nantucket and I need to prepare for FIGAWI weekend.