Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1...2...3... BLOG!

OK, I'm back and ready to to spill my guts. Just a warning, I am a horrible writer and my grammar skills are not what they should be for someone who graduated high school and has as well completed 4 years of college but probably because I went to a state school. Thanks Mom and Dad! Love you:)

So I had started a blog a while back where it bashed on all parts of life, including my own. Although a hit, I've decided on a new approach... Optimism.

So my last 3 ITunes purchases are so random that I need to share.

#1 Adele, such a brilliant woman. Rolling in the deep? The only way to listen to this song is with the volume on full blast. It makes my heart smile.

#2 Lady Gaga, Judas. No Comment. She has absolutely lost it and I'm addicted.

#3 Tiesto, C'Mon. Just because it reminds me of the cab drivers in Nantucket and I need to prepare for FIGAWI weekend.


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